RANE NM 48 Network Preamp (2U) - click to enlargeRANE NM 48 Network Preamp (2U)

The NM 48 Network Preamplifier allows one to send four channels and receive eight channels of high quality audio over a single, low cost computer network cable. The NM 48 provides a cost effective solution for audio routing problems in venues such as Arenas, Convention Centers, Churches, Schools and Theme Parks. Unlike point-to-point distribution systems, the NM 48 features a highly flexible network protocol, allowing full control of audio destination and source.

The NM 48 Network Preamplifier features Peak Audio 100Base-T CobraNet technology. CobraNet technology allows deterministic (fixed propagation delay), transport of up to 64 Bundles of audio on a single computer network cable. Each Bundle can contain up to eight, 20-bit Cobranet Audio Channels.

The NM 48 can put four 24-bit audio channels on to the network and get eight 24-bit audio channels from the network. Network control is possible using the rear panel Memory Recall Port (MRP), SNMP or ActiveX controls provided by Rane. All NM 48 parameters may be controlled from the front panel interface.

The NM 48 provides four balanced line-level inputs. 24-bit A/D converters provide the digital audio signal for 100Base-T transport. Audio may be transmitted in 20- or 24-bit mode. All four input channels may be transmitted on a single Bundle (the term formerly known as Network Channel). The NM 48 may transmit up to 4 bundles. (the NM 48 can identify the addresses of 999 Bundles).

The NM 48 also provides eight high-quality monitor output channels. Each output may be assigned to monitor any one of the eight Cobranet Audio Channels (the term formally known as Sub-channel) contained in a Bundle or any one of the four Local channels.

The NM 48 can transmit and receive one channel of RS-232 data over the network. The user may set the baud rate as well as Tx and Rx network channels.

A Memory Recall Port (MRP) allows up to 16 pre-set memories to be recalled with simple switch closures to ground. In addition to Local MRP, the NM 48 may be set to respond to Network MRP. It may also transmit Local MRP over the network for monitoring by other NM 48s or NM 84s.

NM-48List price: $2,999.00Your price: $2,249.00




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