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PEAVEY S-24 Sanctuary Series Mixing System - click to enlargePEAVEY S-24 Sanctuary Series Mixing System

The S-24 Sanctuary Series is 21 channel mixing console specifically designed to meet the needs of the churches, schools and public venues. The challenged of these applications is to provide high quality sound where the experience of the operator ranges from novice to experienced. In many cases these sound systems are used without an operator. The S-24 mixing system meets these challenges by incorporating a unique set of features which not only make it easier to achieve outstanding sound quality, but also simplify normal operation. In many applications the S-24 can simply be pre-set leaving the mix to the systems automatic circuitry.

Sanctuary Series mixers are a line of all-new, innovative audio products dedicated to making pro audio easy and cost-effective for houses of worship. Since many worship centers are unable to staff an experienced sound technician, Peavey developed several unique, user-friendly mixing features to simplify operation so any church leader or choir director can speak and perform with confidence.

We've replaced hands-on mixing with our exclusive Automix™ technology, an automatic mixing function that turns down unused channels to give dominance to the main microphone, minimizing unwanted noise. With our built-in Feedback Ferret® automatic digital feedback elimination system, you can forget about interruptive squeals. The Feedback Ferret uses exclusive Peavey technology to eliminate feedback without sacrificing tonal quality.

We developed these mixers as your sanctuary solution, with an unwavering attention to detail and intuitive design. Our compelling Sanctuary Series mixers are investments in creating a flawless audio environment for your worship service.

These consoles practically run themselves with features like these:

Four-Channel Built-In Automix™ (first four channels)
- Will switch from lapel to pulpit microphones automatically
- Will turn your microphone down when not in use

Two Groups for Song or Sound
- Solo group takes low frequency noise out of the system
- Both Solo and Choir/Instrument groups have a circuit that turns down the group when not in use, reducing system noise

Mid-Morph Equalization Technology
- Adjust Mid-Morph to the right to add vocal clarity
- Adjust Mid-Morph to the left to reduce low rumble in music

Feedback Ferret® Auto Feedback Elimination
- Will automatically search out and eliminate feedback frequencies
- Your message will not be interrupted by loud system squeals

Sound Trax-Ready
- Stereo input channels will send Sound Trax to your monitors
- Monitor Blend control will determine your blend of music and voice

Digital Reverb
- Musical reverb designed specifically for sanctuary sound

S-24List price: $2,099.99Your price: $2,099.99

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