PEAVEY ECS 3X Crossover

Electro-Acoustic Crossover Frequencies: 500 Hz and 2500 Hz Crossover Slope: 12 dB/Oct. (2nd order) Low pass, band pass and high pass. High pass has CD horn EQ and tweeter attenuation built-in. Power Handling of Crossover Network (when connected to suitable power handling speakers, and an amplifier with adequate headroom): 1000W program material.

Midrange and Tweeter Protection: SoundGuard long and medium term thermal overload protection. Sized to protect a midrange from 75W to 100W of rated power handling, and a compression driver tweeter with a power handling rating from 40W to 80W.

Inputs: One quarter inch phone jack paralleled with one Neutrik NL4 Speakon 4-pin connector for Full Range inputs. One Neutrik NL4S Switching Speakon for bi-amp inputs, allows direct connection to the speakers in the system. Only Neutrik brand 4-pin Speakon plugs should be used with the bi-amp switching jack.

Outputs: Woofer output is a yellowblue set of wires, with stripped tinned leads. Yellow is positive, blue is negative. Midrange output is a white-black set of wires, with S205 push-on connectors that mate with a wide variety of midrange speakers. White is positive, black is negative. Tweeter output is a red-black set of wires, with S205 pushon connectors that mate with a wide variety of compression driver tweeters. Red is positive, black is negative.

Intended Low Frequency Speaker Type: Direct radiator 15" professional sound reinforcement woofer of 8 Ohms nominal impedance. A 12" professional sound reinforcement woofer that has adequate low frequency response can also be used.

Intended Mid-range Speaker Type: Direct radiator dynamic midrange, from 10" diameter to 6 " in diameter and of 8 Ohms nominal impedance. Open or closed back type, but open back type should have a sub-enclosure for the rear to prevent woofer from modulating the mids via cabinet pressure.

Intended High Frequency Speaker Type: 1.6" to 4" diaphragm diameter compression driver tweeter of 8 Ohms nominal impedance, mounted on a Constant Directivity horn.

ECS3XList price: $173.99Your price: $148.79

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