ORTOFON OM DIGI KIT with 1 Spare Stylus and Hard Case - click to enlarge

ORTOFON OM DIGI KIT with 1 Spare Stylus and Hard Case

OM Digi Kit with 1 Spare Stylus and Hard Case

  • Best Reproduction of Timecode Signal The Ortofon DigiTrack provides dramatically better reproduction of timecode signal by means of special technology which provides a slight roll-off of frequencies where crackle and vinyl wear occur. As a result, frequencies that prevent accurate interpretation of timecode are eliminated before they can reach the software. Furthermore, combined with its ultra low wear stylus, the DigiTrack will aid in prolonging the life of timecoded vinyl records.

  • Adjusted Output Voltage for Best Performance It’s no secret that signal-to-noise figures greatly influence software’s ability to accurately read timecode signal. With the DigiTrack, the output has been increased to 8mV (millivolts), providing increased signal-to-noise ratio for both software packages that don’t use hardware phono preamps (such as Serato). Quite simply, a louder signal coming off of the vinyl means that less gain has to be used, hence less background noise being fed to the timecode software.

  • High Compliance Suspension for Excellent Tracking Ability The DigiTrack has a special high compliance suspension, which not only provides better sound reproduction, but gives the DigiTrack excellent groove holding capabilities, even during intense backcueing and scratching. In a nutshell, “high compliance” refers to the ability of the stylus to comform to the groove, and the DigiTrack features the highest compliance out of any Ortofon DJ cartridge.

  • Plays Regular Vinyl with Famed Ortofon Sound Quality Yes! The Ortofon DigiTrack plays regular vinyl too, with the same sound that Ortofon customers have grown to expect. (Of course, for the finest quality playback of conventional vinyl, we still suggest our Nightclub series of cartridges).

  • Tested with All Timecode Packages The Ortofon DigiTrack was engineered and tested using the world’s top timecoded vinyl packages, to ensure the best performance achievable from all digital vinyl systems.

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