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AKG PRO CSX BIR10 Breakout box and IR base unit - click to enlarge

AKG PRO CSX BIR10 Breakout box and IR base unit



for conference systems and assistive listening

The CSX BIR10 is the infrared central control unit for the CSX IRS10 infrared language distribution system, the core element that provides the utmost security for wireless translation systems. 

The system is designed to operate in two modes, both feeding up to 10 channels. First, the CSX BIR10 can be used as part of AKG´s CS5 system. In this mode the unit acts as infrared modulator and/or as breakout box to provide channels of the CS5 data ring to external devices via RCA connectors on the back panel. Second, as a stand alone IR system, to feed external devices (e.g. a wireless system) These signals cannot NOT be fed into a CS5 data ring. 

It is also possible to mix inputs – take a few external sources and a few from the CS5 data ring. 4 BNC connectors are used for 4 strings of radiators that can be daisy chained. Four IR LED´s provide the infrared signal in the technician room to enable the technician to control what is transmitted in the venue hall. The CSX BIR10 is easily expandable to handle virtually any size room.

Digital transmission with PPM technology
effective audio and radiation quality control & easy to install

For CS5 or standalone system
works with all kinds of analogue inputs

Unlimited expansion of radiators
for any room size



Number of languages 10
System Interface
Amount 2
Contacts 7-pin
Gender Female
Type RJ 45 Ethernet
Infrared Out
Amount 4
Contacts 2-pin
Gender Male
Type BNC
Audio Input 6
Amount 10
Interface Name RCA
Type RCA/Cinch
Electrical impedance 20000 Ohms
Contacts 2-pin
Gender Female
Audio Output 1
Amount 10
Interface Name RCA
Type RCA/Cinch
Audio frequency bandwidth 20 to 20000 Hz
Contacts 2-pin
Gender Female
Recommended load impedance 1000 Ohms
Signal to Noise 90 dB-A
Body Metal
Finish Matte black
Shipping weight 1800 g
Dimensions / Weight
Width 482 mm
Height 44 mm
Depth 108 mm
Net Weight 1450 g

6500H00160List price: $3,999.00Your price: $3,149.00


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